Welcome to 2015!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope this year brings you everything you want it to. I want to make this year all about blogging. Now that I have a good couple of years under  my belt, I think it’s time to make this blog everything I want it to be. This post is going to be about my New Year’s reslutions. I make some every year and always keep them to myself. This year I am going to share these with you and put them out to the internet so next year I can look back at this post and see what I have achieved.

Happy New Year 2015 With Tree And Hearts

1) Blog more regularly.

2) Give YouTube a good go (I started up a channel in December and you can check it out here)

3) Lose more weight. I lost a stone and a half last year and I would like to lose the same if not more this year.

4) Look after myself more. No more regular takeaways, no more silly snacking when I’m not hungry and drink more water.

4) Exercise more. I am the type of person that just has no motivation when it comes to exercise but, once I’m at the gym, it feels great.

5) Be a nicer person. I love a good gossip (who doesn’t?) but sometimes I know I go a bit too far. I think it’s ok to have a little gossip here and there about nothing in particular (how crap Primark is recently. Seriously, who do they think they are with their higher prices) but to gossip about actual people probably isn’t the best personality trait.

I really want 2015 to be a good year, 2014 wasn’t great and to be honest I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say it was the worst year of my life. I have had a bad few months before but never a whole year with one problem after another. I have 2 holidays coming up this year, one of which is next week!! I am so excited. Also, I’m getting married in October! I have put so much thought and planning into the wedding so far that I am really looking forward to see how everything comes together. Obviously, I’m excited about being married but, the food is going to be out of this world.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? What have you got coming up this year that you’re excited about?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Disclaimer: Image taken from Google Image Search. Found Image from this website.


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