Review: Aussie Dry Shampoo

Again, I have tried a new dry shampoo. Even though I have no issues with the Batiste that I normally use I have to go and try something new out. The saying ‘don’t fix something that isn’t broken’ comes to mind.


There are a couple of different types of dry shampoo to chose from and I went with the Colour Mate. Here’s the thing with dry shampoo, and the reason that this is probably the last one I’m going to try unless one comes out with crazy promises, they all pretty much do the same thing. Now, there are some exceptions to this (Toni & Guy, I’m looking at you) but for the most part they do refresh your hair. Batiste seems to be able to do this the best when it comes to my hair but, I do get annoyed at the powder. It’s like if you use dry shampoo you can tell if someone else has used it, because of the way their hair looks.

This dry shampoo is so close to being perfect that it pains me that it just falls short. There is no powder. None. Because of the no powder it makes you hair look quite shiny like you have actually just washed it. My only gripe with this and, it’s a small one, it doesn’t feel clean. I know that might sound weird but unfortunately I think that is the one positive of the powder that Batiste have, it absorbs the excess moisture and makes your hair feel softer.

In all fairness, the only reason I’m no going to repurchase this is the price. The look you get with this is the best I have come across and as long as I don’t let anyone else touch my hair, they won’t be none the wiser. This has a much larger price tag compared to the Batiste, coming in at £4.99 for 180ml (the Batiste goes for £2.99 for 200ml). You can pick this up from Boots here and I’m sure it will be on deals every so often. I actually found mine on offer at Tesco so I think most supermarkets will more than likely stock it as well.

What is your favourite dry shampoo to use?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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