Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Before heading off on my holiday to New York I booked an appointment for me and my sister to make our own lipsticks at the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I thought this would be a fun little activity for us to do and we got a lipstick out of it. Win, win.



Like I said, I booked an appointment. You can walk in but making an appointment is advised as they are pretty busy. When you get there you sit down with one of the people that work there and they ask you what kind of lipstick you are looking for. I went for something quite natural as that’s the kind of thing I tend to wear and my sister went for a brighter shade in a matte finish. They then start to make colours for you to try and pick which one is going to be your lipstick.

After you’ve made your selection you get taken over to the scents. That’s right, you can pick the scent you want (up to 2 different ones) out of the 7 (mint, vanilla, super fruit, cherry, mango, violet & citrus). My sister picked vanilla & mint and I went for cherry & mango. After this has been chosen you then get to watch them make the lipstick. You also get to chose from 4 differently designed tubes for the lipstick to go into. They are all designed to represent the different ways that different people wear down their lipstick.

There are a variety of prices depending on what type of lipstick you go for and if you want a glitter put in it. There are 4 to chose from; Creme $36, Matte $36, Sheer, $36 or Deluxe $48. Glitter goes for an extra $6 and are four different glitters to chose from.

You can see all the information here, including how to book appointments and directions. This was a great experience and I am so glad that both me and my sister have lipsticks that are unique to us (I’m sure somewhere along the line someone may make the same one but there are so many options that it’s not going to happen often). Everyone in the Lip Lab are so friendly and it was a 10/10 experience and I highly recommend giving it a go if you are in New York City.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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