Thrifty Thursday: The £1 Scrub

I had a little browse in Savers the other day and came across a scrub for only a pound! The tub is a pretty decent size (300ml) so I couldn’t pass it up.



The scent (apricot and rosemary) is subtle but it’s there. It’s not like the scents you get from Soap & Glory but to be honest I can live with that. It’s not a sugar scrub more of a classic scrub, a body cream/milk with exfoliating beads in it. The beads are a tiny little more abrasive than I am used to, as I tend to mainly go for sugar scrubs at the moment. However, it’s not scratchy like I had kind of expected it to be. It lives my skin smooth and soft and even though the scent isn’t very strong it does linger.

There are 2 different scrubs to chose from; this and (I think) an Aloe Vera one. You can pick them up from your local Savers for £1 each. This says you can use it on your face, which, I haven’t actually tried yet. I’m always a bit skeptical about products you can use for both body and face but, if I do use it I will update you.

Have you tried this?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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