Review: Wet n Wild Trio in Silent Treatment

This little trio has become the perfect thing for me to use for work. The colours are very natural and the pigmentation isn’t as powerful as other shadows from the brand. That might put some people off but, for me and where I work it’s perfect.



Rather than using the highlight colour on the browbone, I use it all over the lid as a light wash of colour. I then put the lid colour in the crease and the crease colour as a messy eyeliner. The lasting power is pretty good (I don’t use an eye primer) the colours don’t start to fade until about the 5 hour mark and even then they fade evenly. There is no patchyness the colours just become less obvious. I have yet to come home from work and all the colour is gone. There is a bit of glitter in the darkest colour and the eyelid colour is a satin finish. The highlight/browbone colour isn’t matte but it doesn’t have any glitter or shimmer to it.

I got mine from Duane Reade but I think you could probably get this from any drugstore in the USA that stocks Wet n Wild. For us that are outside of the USA you can pick this up from Amazon, here. Now, it does work out a bit more expensive (not a lot) than across the pond but it’s cheaper than a plane ticket.

Have you tried anything from Wet n Wild? What’s your favourite product from the brand?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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