Review: Marc Jacobs Sky Liner Eye Liner Set

I have some more eyeliners to share with you today. Yes, more. This is another set that hurts a little less than buying a couple of the full sizes. The set is still pretty pricey and the eye liners are minis (you know I love minis) but, I rarely use up a whole eyeliner.



The colours in the set are an olive green, a dark satin bronze, a glittery gold, a glittery navy, a satin dark purple, a glittery lighter purple and a black. These things, especially the darker colours, do not budge. I was taking quite a lot of pictures when I took these and after I did these swatches it took me an age to get them off. You can still see a couple a very faint lines in some of my other pictures. The application is flawless, they are so creamy so they don’t drag and they wear well in the water line.

These pencils are gorgeous and so easy to use. The colours are so intense and even though the full sizes are ridiculous amounts of money for what is basically a pencil, I think I may have to look into investing in some.

So, lets talk about numbers. This set put me back $48 from Sephora, here. People outside of the US will be happy to know that Sephora ships Marc Jacobs outside of America.

Have you tried these? What are your favourite pencil eyeliners?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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