Review: Venus Snap Razor

This is a bit of a random review but I picked up this travel size razor and thought this would be the best time to tell you about how much I love venus razors. For a little background info, I have never waxed my legs or anything, I have only shaved. Also, I have only ever owned 2 razors and I would have only owned one but I lost one. I just have to standard Venus razor, I don’t think they sell it anymore but all the replaceable razor heads are compatible.



I picked this up in America and it is probably the most useful miniature I have ever owned. The body (does that make sense?) of the razor is really small and lightweight and then the actual razor blades are the same as the ones that can be replaced on the normal razors. This is the bit that I love about it. It’s essential a razor for traveling but you can keep it and use it again and again. It comes in a cute little case in my favourite colour.

Honestly when I first picked this up I thought it was probably a bit novel and a waste of money but, I think I am going to replace my razor that I have now with it. I got mine from QVS (I think) and I’m not sure about where to get it in the UK but hopefully they will bring it over at some point.

What’s your favourite razor? Are you more of a disposable razor kind of person?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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