Review: MAC Paint Pot in Frozen Violet

I picked this up from a discounted cosmetics store in the states. I own Bare Study from MAC but no other paint pots so, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add another one to my collection. I wasn’t completely sure if this was part of the permanent collection but a quick snoop online shows that it is.



I got my first paint pot before all the drugstore versions started to come out and even though there are some good products from the cheaper brands I do think that the Paint Pots are quite unique. The consistency is a tiny bit different from other cream shadows that I have tried and the Paint Pots are better bases, in my opinion, than the cheaper ones. This, of course, could just be my eyelids not co-operating.

This particular colour is a grey toned purple with a frosted finish. The website describes it a purple silver. The silver that runs through it gives the purple different shades in different lights. These shadows are so easy to apply I just use my ring finger to apply it all over the lid. Sometimes, I will just leave it a t that but, this colour of Paint Pot in particular goes very well with the Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadow that I reviewed in my previous post (here). This is also a great shade to do a less intense smokey eye with as it’s quite a dark base.

I really enjoy MAC Paint Pots and I am glad I picked another one up as it has rekindled my love for my Bare Study shade too. You can get both colours I talked about, here for £15.50 each.

What’s your favourite MAC Paint Pot?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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