Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Guide

In my household, Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge thing. This is the first year we are actually venturing out to have diner with friends but, we don’t make a big fuss. However, I know some people go all out and presents are an important part of the day so, here are a couple of quick ideas that you can either pick up from the supermarket, Boots or the inter web.


I have 4 options for men, 4 for women and 2 cheap little gifts that are just Valentine’s related.

1) Fat Face Gift Set, Boots, £10.

2) Jean Paul Gautier, Boots, £39.60 (Probably also available from Supermarkets or Superdrug but the pricing is from Boots).

3) Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Set, Asda, £10.

4) Ultimate Sport Car Thrill Experience Day, Virgin Experiences, £120.

5) Pretty in Pink Perfume, Tesco, £10.40 (this is quite a cheap perfume but smells just like Lacoste Love of Pink).

6) Tea Set, Waitrose, £35.

7) Afternoon Tea for 2, Boots, £34 (also available from Viring Experiences but those ones are location specific).

8) Bayliss & Harding Gift Set, Sainsburys, £4.

9) Jar of Biscuits to decorate, Tesco, £6.

10) Love Heart Candles, Asda, £3.

Other ideas for Valentine’s are the meal deals that all the supermarkets are getting into. I have found that the best value for money is M&S but the portions aren’t amazing. In this deal you get 1 starter, 1 main, 1 side, 1 desert, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine/champagne/non-alcholoic drink for £20. Tesco is the same price as M&S and you get one item less but you get 2 of everything. This deal includes 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides, 2 deserts and a bottle of drink OR a box of chocolates for £20. My favourite out of the bunch, however, is Sainsbury’s that offer, for £15, a main, 2 sides, a drink, a desert and an online film rental. The other supermarkets also have similar deals going on but, I think these 3 were the best of the bunch.

What are your plans for Valentine’s day?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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