First Impression: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

On a mini trip to Clinique the other day (whoops) the lady at the counter gave me a sample of their new foundation to try. It was pretty good timing as I was considering picking it up anyway but this saved me a few pounds.

clq_Z9FF_402x464My original plan was to do a first impressions video with this but unfortunately the colour of the sample was just a little bit too dark for me. I still tried it out but I didn’t venture out of the house during the testing time. The foundation promises to not only be your foundation but your concealer as well. This was great news as at this moment in time I have some hideous hormonal breakouts that need some serious coverage. It, according to the website, promises to be a lightweight and full coverage foundation that lasts all day and moisturises the skin.It also says that the foundation will cover the face without clogging pores and will stand up to sweaty days and high humidity. It comes with a huge applicator, like a large concealer applicator, but I din’t get this in the sample obviously but I’m interested to know how easy that is to use.

I literally have only used this for one day (due to the colouring issue) but for the first part about it also being a concealer Im not amazingly impressed with. It conceals under the eyes without any creasing and doesn’t dry the skin out or anything like that but, for spots there isn’t much coverage. Now, let’s be clear here the particular blemishes that I am dealing with at the moment are the ones that nightmares are made of. I haven’t actually got a concealer that will cover them and we all know how good the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is so I think I may have to blame my hideous outbreak for this rather than the foundation. The coverage is great and it doesn’t look cakey on the skin at all, it actually has quite a natural, flawless finish.

It says to let the foundation settle for a little bit before blending so that it can adapt to your skin tone. Now, bare in mind that I had a shade too dark for me and after a little while it did seem to lighten itself. However, when I did leave it, it was a bit harder to blend. This is not the easiest foundation to apply and you do need to work at it a tiny bit more. Saying this, though, this could just be me as this is the most coverage I have used in probably over a year. I think the true test for the sweat and humidity is going to have to wait a little while for testing as it’s still pretty cold here in England. I must say I am impressed at how natural this looked even though the shade wasn’t a match for me. I might try and get another sample, in my shade, to be able to give it a proper testing but for now I am intrigued and may just bite the bullet and pick up a bottle.

This goes for £25 (£5 cheaper than my beloved CC Cream) and you can pick it up from the Clinique websites, here. There are 20 shades to chose from.

Are there any foundations that also work as concealers that you know about?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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