Review: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzing Veil

Having never tried anything from Physicians Formula before I was excited to pick a couple of things up in America. The Happy Booster Bronzing Veil is one of those bronzers that have lots of little chunks of product that you just swirl your brush into. For bronzer, I love this concept. There isn’t much room for error (except for dropping the product everywhere) when bronzers are packaged this way as you can’t be very heavy handed.




The packaging is a bit more fussy than I like but then it includes everything you could need. It comes with both a brush and a little powder puff. Honestly, I never use the things that come with the products as I think proper brushes give a better finish and overall look. This has such a lovely subtle shimmer to it that it looks lovely swept over the parts of your face where the sun naturally hits it.

Bronzers in this form are my favourite as they tend to be lighter in pigmentation. That might put some people off but due to my ghost like skin and my heavy handedness. I can’t remember exactly how much this cost me but I think I remember thinking it seemed quite pricey for a drugstore product (although I think I was expecting it to be so much cheaper over there than it was). I think it was around the $12 mark, I could be completely wrong here. For fellow UKers you can buy some products from the brand on amazon but not this one in particular. I don’t really do ebay but someone is probably selling it!

Have you tried this bronzer?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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