Review: EOS Lip Balm

In recent years I have heard a lot about the lip balms from EOS so when I went to America I picked one up for myself and here’s what I think about the hyped product.




I have very dry lips and it does take quite a bit for a lip balm to have any effect on me. However, I do like something cheap to carry around with me at work or on the go. This has coconut milk in, which, makes it smell awesome as I love anything coconut. This is not the best lip balm out there and to be honest I don’t get much out of this but it’s nice to have on me for a little bit of rehydration through out the day. I think you can get these in either Liberty’s or Selfridges (I could be wrong) in the UK but in America I saw them in pretty much every drugstore I went into.

The cute design of this one does make me think I might pick another one up at some point but like I said above this is no sort of lip treatment. I have found these on Amazon if you’re interested in giving them a go here, they have some sets for under £15 with 5 in a pack.

Have you tried the EOS lip balm? What is your favourite lip balm?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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