Review: Buxom Say It All Lip Duo

Another brand I have been excited to try for a long time and they have minis. I have come to the conclusion that mauve is my favourite lip colour as that seems to be all I chose.





The lipstick is a satin finish in the shade Hooligan. I really enjoy wearing this lipstick, it is so comfortable to wear and easy to apply. Not once did I get lipstick on my teeth because this stuff stays where it is supposed to be. It also isn’t drying, which, is a definite plus for me. The gloss is the perfect accompaniment to the lipstick. It looks great as an all over gloss or I like to dab a bit in the centre of my lips for a highlighting effect. The gloss is also great by itself and not too sticky.

I really like this combo and I might have to buy the full sizes at some point but the gloss in particular has quite a lot of product in it anyway so it may take me a little while to use it up. Unfortunately this item does not ship to the UK, you can get some Buxom products from Amazon but they are a bit pricey. If you are in America this little duo is $18, here.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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