Review: Sephora Pro Airbrush No. 55

I have another brush review for you today and it’s a good one. I have heard a lot about the Sephora own brand brushes so I picked up a couple on my travels and I wish that I had picked up more. A lot more.



I must say the brush handle looks like it could be used as a weapon and I have poked myself in the leg with it (I’m very clumsy). But, other than that, I love it. When I picked it up I was sure I was going to use it for a foundation brush as it isn’t as dense as my others and thought it would give me a lighter coverage. What I have been using it for is highlighter. I have found it is the perfect size and distributes the perfect amount of product to the tops of my cheeks that I don’t even need to blend much, just one swipe and I’m done.

These brushes aren’t exactly cheap but they are so soft and they look sleek and come with brush covers. The brush cover is something I am grateful for as I always worry a bit about just having my brushes out in the open air (not outside, obviously haha). I think I may have to buy myself a couple more of these because I am really impressed and they are definitely worth the hype.

You can pick this up from the Sephora website here and it ships to the UK. It goes for $34 and comes to around £24 when you change the country.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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