Clinique Chubby Stick Highlighter Vs No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

Today, I am comparing 2 highlighters that come in chunky crayon like form. First I need to tell you that the No7 highlighter seems to have disappeared from the Boots website and been replaced with a bronzing highlighter. Saying this, I am pretty sure the one I’m putting to the test in this post was in my local store not too long ago.



Packaging – The packaging is so similar it’s hilarious. It’s even more funny because No7 actually released these ages before Clinique did.

Colour Payoff – You get a more intense colour from the No7 highlighter. This is something that I actually prefer the Clinique for because I don’t like a highlighter to be too overpowering. The No7 is a more neutral tone that I can see suiting a lot more people than the more pinky toned Clinique.


Application – This, for me, is the same for both of them. They are both creamy and easy to apply and blend.

Staying Power – I find that the best things about highlighters like these are that they are so natural that you don’t really notice them fading. Saying this, I think they are pretty close, with Clinique having just that tiny bit more staying power for just about an hour extra. No7 lasts for about 4 hours with Clinique lasting about 5. I will say, however, this does sometimes depend on foundation. Some foundations will just take other products with it when it starts to disappear.

Colour Range – There isn’t really a colour range for either of these. No7, like I said above, have a bronzing highlighter also in their range but that’s it. For Clinique this is the only shade they offer.

Price –  You get 5g for £9.95 for the No7 and 6g for £19 from Clinique (here).

To conclude I think the No7 is a lot better value for money. It’s nearly £10 cheaper and the payoff is a tad better. I do prefer the colour of the Clinique but £19 is a lot of money for a highlighter when there is a cheaper option.

Have you tried these? What’s your favourite?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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