Review: Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette

 There is some major hype around this product and as usual, I fell for it. I picked up the Lolita as I had heard the most about it and *spoiler* it’s worth the hype.



There are a mixture of finishes with the4th shade being very glittery, this particular shade is prone to fall out but looks gorgeous packed all over the lid with some black liner winged out and lashings of mascara. This is a great neutral palette and I have managed to get a lot of different, work friendly looks out of it. The shadows themselves are buttery and well pigmented and my favourite is the last shade in the palette, which is a lovely pinky bronze colour. They blend effortlessly and last past a 7 hour shift.

I have one issue with this palette, mine doesn’t close. Although this is a small issue and I keep it in the sleeve it came in it still niggles me. This wasn’t cheap and although it was probably just a dud, for the kind of money you’re spending there shouldn’t be a dud to find. Other than this I am so glad I picked it up and to be honest I do want to pick up another one, maybe one with brighter colours that I’m not used to. You can pick this up from the Sephora website, here for $59 which translates to about £42 as this brand does ship to the UK, yay.

Have you tried this palette? Have you got any recommendations for the Marc Jacobs makeup line?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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