Review: Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint

I got a mini of the Clinique chubby Stick Baby Tint in a Bonus Time gift a little while ago and when they were first released I wasn’t too excited about the release. If you are a long time reader you will know that I suffer from dry lips and so I am quite picky when it comes to lip products. The original Chubby Sticks for lips were the kind of lip product that was perfect for me.


The original Chubby Sticks also don’t have a huge amount of pigment to them so I didn’t quite understand the concept of the baby tint. These do offer a lot of moisture with a sheer hint of colour and I have found a place for this in the makeup bag I carry around with me on a daily basis. The shade I have is Poppin’ Poppy, a coral colour I wouldn’t normally go for but I think this complements my skin tone quite nicely as it is only a tint of colour.

As much as it offers moisture and hydration throughout the day I have lots of other lip balms, that are cheaper that do they same thing. These go for £17 each and i don’t think I will be buying a full size. I still love the original and really want to try the Chubby Stick Intense. You can pick the Baby Tints up here from the Clinique website.

Have you tried these?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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