Review: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Another Wet n Wild palette is on the makeup menu today and it’s a good’un. Even though I said that Walking On Eggshells is great for everyday (that statement still stands and I use it for work 5 days out of the week) I think this is my favourite palette from the brand.

IMG_3446 IMG_3458

The first shade has a bit too much glitter for a brow bone highlight for my liking and the second o last shade doesn’t come out quite as I would like it to have but it works really well as a liner. All the other shades are fantastic, like I have mentioned in my previous posts about the other Wet n Wild palettes, the pigmentation and texture of these shadows are amazing for the price point. The clear winner in this palette is the last shade, it’s like nothing else I have in my collection. It’s a duo chrome eyeshdow. It looks brown in the picture but in different lights it goes to green and sometimes a purple-ish blue.

I think I might do a post using the Wet n Wild palettes the way they want you to and seeing what the looks come out like. Let me know if you would be interested in a post like that. You ca pick this up from pretty much any drugstore that sells Wet n Wild if you’re in America but I have found it here on Amazon for just under ÂŁ10.

What is your favourite palette from Wet n Wild?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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