Review: Simple Micellar Water

I know, I know, I need to stop buying every new micellar water that I see but I just couldn’t resist trying out what Simple had to offer on the micellar front. A quick run through; the Garnier micellar has been my favourite of the ones I have tried for about a year now but the Soap & Glory has the most power behind it.


I think this is pretty much on par with Soap & Glory on the power front, which, is amazing. I have mentioned this in a favourites video before, here and in that video I said the Garnier was still my favourite but after using this for a while now I think I have changed my mind. This is really a one sweep wonder. It removes makeup effortlessly and I like using it in the morning after cleansing to really refresh and hydrate my face.

I love Simple as a brand, especially their Toner and love that they have bought out a micellar water. This micellar water goes for £4.49 for 200ml, here, and this is the only reason I would continue to buy the Garnier as it works out that you get more for less, the Garnier goes for £4.99 for 400ml. However, saying that, there are always offers on both these brands so I do think it will just depend on what is on offer when I have run out as to which one I will repurchase.

What’s your favourite micellar water?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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