Review: Rimmel Radiance BB Cream

I have fallen in love with BB creams (and other creams with names from the alphabet, I know they do different things but to me they’re quite similar products) I first fell for the Dior BB cream and then the Clinique CC cream. I could never try anything from the drugstore as I could never seem to find anything light enough for my ghost skin. But, now that Rimmel have started doing foundations that are light enough for me, I was really happy to see that they had started to do Very Light shades in their BB creams too. I picked up the Radiance version as it seemed the best for my skin type and here’s what I think.


This BB cream has SPF20 and promises 9 in 1 skin perfecting super makeup. This, according to the back of the bottle, is supposed to prime, smooth, conceal, helps to minimise the appearance of pores, provides natural coverage, moisturises for 24 hours, awakens tired skin, brightens the skin and gives a radiant finish. You get 30ml in a squeezy tube which makes this fantastic for travel, especially if you’re going somewhere warm as it is perfect for a hot summers day. I love that I picked this up and even though it doesn’t quite have as much coverage as my beloved Clinique CC cream, this is a fraction of the price and still does a good job.

It looks so natural on the skin with the perfect amount of radiance to give a dewy finish. As it also has a primer included the staying power of this is pretty great, it lasted for about 8 hours before starting to fade, bare in mind that this was on a weirdly hot spring day. Side note, it got up to like 19 degrees the other day and it was lovely. I’d say that, altogether, this lasted about 12 hours before nearly disappearing. I must say that this looks so natural that it was quite hard to tell at what point everything disappeared.

I am really impressed with this and even though I love my higher end products similar to this I am glad I have found something that isn’t very expensive as the thought of having to repurchase the Dior or the Clinique was giving me some heart palpitations. If you want to give this a go you can pick this up from Boots online, here for £6.99. They also do a standard BB cream and a matte BB cream but they both seemed more targeted towards oiler skin types.

What’s your favourite BB cream from the drugstore?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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