As The Palette Intended: Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette

Whilst writing up a review on the Comfort Zone palette I thought it would be a good idea to try and use the palette how the palette wanted me to. So, I went to work using the shades in the combinations that were created to be used together and here’s what I came up with.






I really love the green look, it’s nothing like i’ve used before and really brings out the colour of my eyes. Both the combinations in this palette work so well together. The only negative I have is the last shade in the palette, which is like a duo-chrome shade does not work well as a liner. I know I could have used the definer shade in the outer corner of my eye but, I felt that was a bit dark for my preferences so I stuck with using it as a liner. I think in the future I will use this shade wet to really get the full effect of the duo-chrome colour.

The best part of doing this I can see how the shades actually work together and how well the shades apply when there’s already other shades on the eye.

How would you use this palette?

Thanks for reading 🙂




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