Thrifty Tuesday: Supermarket Bargains

A bit more of a suggestive post today. I managed to get a lot of haircare for under £10 from my local Tesco.


Here’s what you need to do. Keep an eye out for a reduction section within the supermarkets health and beauty section, if something is about £3 leave it and if it doesn’t sell it will go down even more because they need the space. A lot of reduction sections have products in them that haven’t got any prices, it’s always worth going to get it price checked as I found a lot of these things on the reduction shelves without any prices. Also, on the normal shelves if there is any label that has a * on it, that means that they might soon go to reduced as they’re discontinuing the product (well, that or the product is getting repackaged).

Here are the prices for what I got:

Patene Dry Shampoo – £1

OGX Argan Oil Hair Mask – £1.75

L’Oreal Pure Colour Hair Mask – £1.75

L’Oreal Ever Strong Shampoo & Conditioner £1.50 each.

So, keep an eye out at your local supermarket for products that they’re getting rid of. Just remember even though I managed to get these products, this won’t be the same for every single Tesco as they might still stock these lines permanently.

Where do you manage to get your bargains from?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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