Review: Bourjois Colourband Eye Crayon 

Another cream eyeshadow in crayon form today. I finally got a non brownish neutral shade and went for a shimmery pink gold.




This crayon/pencil (whatever you want to call it) is a lot creamier than the others that I have tried. This makes application so effortless it’s amazing but it does need a bit longer to set. Not a huge amount of time, only a couple of minutes. Not only is this a great all over the lid, quick and easy, running 10 minutes late kind of product but, it also works so well as a base, particularly with the Naked 3 palette. When you do use this as a base just remember about the drying time.

I really want to pick up the other shades of these to give them a try. You can pick them up from Boots here for £5.99 each. There is a total of 5 shades to chose from the shade that I have is Rose Fauviste.

What is your favourite eye crayon?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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