B Pure Micellar Water

I wasn’t going to test out anymore Micellar waters as I think I have found my favourite (although I may pick up some Bioderma next month, which is exciting) but, it was requested that I reviewed this so I picked it up when I went to Superdrug a couple of weeks ago. It was on offer so both me and my friend got a bottle.


Now, I must say this is going to be must of a positive review because this stuff stings my eyes so much and it tastes disgusting. Now, I know the taste thing isn’t a huge issue because, you know, I don’t tend to drink my skincare products. However, when I’m taking off my lip products it leaves such a strange taste, like when you forget to wash your hands after removing nail polish and then eating something with your hands and you know, it’s gross. About the eyes, it stings. Like, really stinks. Like, painful stings. To be honest once it starting stinging I stopped using it so I can’t really give a huge amount of information on the power of the makeup removal.

The only thing I will be using this for is to take off any makeup from swatches for photos and videos but I will not be putting it on my face that’s for sure. I did double check and there is nothing on the bottle to say that it shouldn’t be used on the eyes. I haven’t tried anything else from the B Pure range so let me know of any recommendations as this product has put me off a little bit.

Have you tried this? Do you have the same reaction?

Thanks for reading 🙂



3 responses to “B Pure Micellar Water

  1. The Superdrug B. Clean melting gel cleanser has very gentle ingredients including being fragrance free which is very rare in an oil or balm cleanser. It takes a little longer to melt down to silky oil (mineral) than some melting gels I have tried, but emulsifies well on removal to leave skin very clean yet not stripped.

    I have not tried the B. Pure micellar water, but am in the middle of putting together a series of blog reviews covering nine (!) other cleansing waters marketed for sensitive skin, mostly fragrance and alcohol free.

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