Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

I have been wanting to try this foundation for quite a while but have never been able to find my shade. However, about a month ago I came across my shade (I think they added some shades a while ago but I never noticed) and picked it up. I mentioned this in my latest favourites video, here.

IMG_4040 IMG_4042

Let’s start with the negatives about this. The application, in the way of tools, at the moment I am using my fingers to apply it which isn’t the most hygienic way. Secondly it’s in a glass jar so not very travel (or clumsy) friendly. Now, on to the positives. This has some pretty good coverage but looks like you’re not wearing anything on your face at all. It also lasts about 8 hours on me without a primer and bare in mind it’s been bloody hot in the UK recently. It’s a neutral colour, not pink or yellow toned.

For the fact that this is a matte product, I have assumed it’s more aimed towards people that have oiler skin types, it works really well with my dry skin. I must say recently (like, this year) I haven’t suffered too much with my dry skin but, this didn’t cling to anything and left quite a natural finish, even though it is mattifying. You can pick this up from Boots here for £7.69, here.

Have you tried this?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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