MUA Spring Break Palette

I’ve been getting back into using palettes recently and have been loving this particular palette from MUA that I picked up a month or so ago. This offers a selection of colours I don’t normally go for but still has a lot of natural shades so it’s still in my comfort zone while allowing me to experiment with more colour.




The colours in this palette are mainly glitters and shimmers with a couple of matte shades thrown in the mix. Even though this palette has some non-neutral shades, I can still get away with wearing combinations from this for everyday wear. I personally love doing quite a natural look and then taking the light pastel blue/green colour or the purple and smudging it underneath my eye for something a bit different. The purple shade is also great to use for a less dramatic. colourful smokey eye.

The pigmentation of these shadows is great, without any chalkiness and the staying power is pretty decent for someone who doesn’t use an eye primer. I get about 6/7 hours of wear out of these before they start to fade. Some of the shadows can be a bit patchy when fading but someone would have to get pretty damn close to your eyes to notice. You can pick this palette up here from MUA for £4. Bargain!

What’s your favourite product from MUA?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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