DiorSkin Nude Foundation

As I was preparing for my wedding I did a lot of research into high end foundations. I knew I could have used one of the many I already own and I didn’t have to go for high-end but I was using the wedding as an excuse to really splurge on items that I normally wouldn’t. I am much more into the lighter coverages so I found the best thing was to go to Boots and try some different ones out on the counters as a lot of articles recommended products like Estee Lauder double wear, which was far too high coverage for me.


Finally I found the one. DiorSkin Nude from Dior (obviously). This is apparently the foundation that Kim Kardashian wore on her wedding day and if it’s good enough for Kim K it is definitely good enough for me. I was matched to the lightest colour and this looks flawless when used with a beauty blender. It evened out my skin tone with one application but concealer was needed for a couple of pesky spots that arrived the day before my wedding (why God, why?). I also used my favourite under eye concealer as not much sleep was had the nigh before. I used my trusty Nivea Express Hydration primer underneath and this stuff didn’t budge all day. Now, even though the day went by in a flash I wasn’t doing any hard labour and it wasn’t a very warm day so I need to keep testing this out on normal days to see what the staying power is for a more hectic work day.

I have tried out the Dior BB Cream before and also loved that and I must say this performed so well that I think I need to give more of their products a go. I really recommend this for a wedding day for not only brides but also bridesmaids. This goes for £32.50 (so not so easy on the wallet) and there are 13 shades to chose from. You can pick this up from Boots here.

What your favourite foundation for a big event?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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