It’s no secret that I love Micellar waters but over the couple of years I have spent trying them out I have never tried the one that started it all; Bioderma. This was pretty hard to get a hold of until recently, and then it was only really easy to get a hold of if you lived in London or bought off a website but, alas, Boots has saved the day. Now, they don’t sell the 500ml bottles just the 250ml but they also sell some of the other skincare products that Bioderma have to offer.


Now, this stuff is no way the cheapest but it is seriously good. I have used this so much but you don’t need much product so I can see it lasting me a bit longer than the cheaper ones on the market. I’m not going to talk too much about what micellar water is as I have talked about it far too much over the years but I think the only negative I have for this is the price. It has knocked Garnier off my top spot but I will probably continue to purchase that one as it is so so so much more inexpensive. I will be buying myself some more Bioderma when this bottle runs out but I think I will save it for heavy makeup days or for products that have a really long wear time or smudge proof promises.

If you want to pick this up you can get it from a variety of sellers on Amazon and eBay but I got mine from Boots here for £10.20.

Have you tried Bioderma? What’s your favourite Micellar water?

Thanks for reading 🙂


Ps, sorry for the stock photo, I’m not on my usual computer! image from Google images (first image for web search Bioderma)


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