Review: MAC Pro LongWear Concealer

I picked up this concealer in this haul and have fallen in love with it. This is the first base product that I have from MAC as I have never tried any of their foundations or concealers before. This stuff has got some serious staying  power and it has also brought me into the world of eyelid priming. I know, I know, why have I only just started to do this?


I have 2 negatives for this products; it’s a glass bottle and it’s expensive. This is great at blemish covering and I really suffer with the size of my spots, I can have clear skin for months but when I get a spot it is huge and lasts for normally about 6-8 weeks so I always need a large amount of concealer to cover it and this works really well for me. I have also been using this to prime my eyelids before any eyeshadow. I haven’t done this before purely because eyeshadows seem to last quite well on me but this has changed my life, no joke. It’s not really about staying power, more about how much easier eyeshadow is to apply and they tend to stand out more. I don’t know how much I will delve into the eyelid primers of the makeup world as this works really well for me.

I got the shade NC15 and there are so many shades to chose from, which is half of MAC’s appeal as they tend to cater to evryone. You can pick this up from the MAC website here for £17.50.


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