Review: Seventeen Eyeshadow Mono

I heard a lot about these shadows and to be honest, Seventeen is a great drugstore brand and I’m hardly ever disappointed in what I get from the brand. So, once the info about these started to trickle down the blogosphere I ordered a colour that popped up as a favourite on a lot of posts; Rose Quartz.


It’s a satin finish with some shimmer running through it. It may have some glitter but I’m not 100%, I think i see some and then it disappears, I think my eyes are wrong. and feels so soft for a drugstore eyeshadow. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap but is light and travel friendly. Like I said, the application is smooth and blends out beautifully. I personally love this all over the lid and blended out in the corners with a strong liquid liner and lashings of mascara for an easy more dramatic look.

I personally really want to try out some other shades, there’s a pink that looks interesting and something I would never normally go for. You can pick these up from Boots here for £3.89 (currently on offer for £2.99) and there are 14 shades to chose from.

Have you tried these eyeshades? What’s your favourite colour from the range?

Thanks of reading 🙂



3 responses to “Review: Seventeen Eyeshadow Mono

  1. i was looking for new eyeshadows to try and i have a boots right near my house so i’m thinking of buying some of the darker shades. great review!

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