Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I have always been a lover of eyeliner, it was the first thing I learnt to do and went to school everyday, without fail, with a bold black line and a flick. Although now I am more subtle when it comes to everyday I do like to try some different ones out now and then. My favourite kind of eyeliner is a felt tip liner but I can work easily with gel as I have a great brush from Sigma that’s thin as anything and makes it really easy.


I have had my eye on Bobbi Brown eyeliners for years but I just couldn’t justify the price, cut to my wedding and no justification was needed. I picked up Black Mauve as I didn’t want my liner to be too heavy and this colour is perfect for that. It glides on easy but once it’s set it isn’t going anywhere fast. This lasted about 12 hours on me (possibly more!) before I took it off and it didn’t fade or smudge at all.

I was seriously impressed with this and it comes in a cute little jar. The shade I got is actually a Shimmer Ink so it has tiny flecks of shimmer that looked lovely and also helped with it being more subtle. The real test, I think, is going to be how long it takes before the product starts to dry out. I really want to pick up the Black as I am seriously impressed with it.

You can pick this up from House of Fraser here for £18.50 and there are 14 shades to chose from.

What is your favourite eyeliner?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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