Review: MAC Freshen Up Highlight Powder

Let me start off by saying that I picked this up at an outlet store and am pretty sure it’s from one of the many collections from Spring/Summer 2015 so this is not the most available product. However, I have fallen in love with this so will be on the look out for anything similar as I can see me using this everyday.



This just works with my skin tone so well that even though it is a highlighter I mostly use it for a blush, also the pinky toned orange strip at the top is a fantastic blush. Now, this, either swirled together or using the different colours individually is super shimmery so there is no need for a highlighter although I see this as an excuse to out a crap ton on  my cheeks. The swatch above is oaf the powder swirled together which is mainly how I use it and I find a nice duo-fibre brush, something like an F50 from Sigma, works really well.

I have had a look for this on ebay and have found many sellers with prices ranging for £28 to £104!! (what?!). I know that I paid $25 for mine which I don’t think is horrendous for a limited edition MAC product. I hope this lasts me a while as I have fallen in love!

What is your favourite highlighting powder? Do you know of any that could be a dupe for this?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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