Review: Maybelline Define A Brow

Never have I ever been more annoyed at myself for saving a product until I used another one up! I picked this up in NYC along with another brow pencil and used that one first and then I completely forgot about this Maybelline one, by the time I used it I had already come back from Florida where I could have repurchased the product as for some reason it’s not available here.


Sorry for the photo from Amazon I could have sword I had a photo of it but I do not. Anyway the only negative to this other than having t go half way across the world to get it is that the comb is pretty useless. The product however, is amazing! It makes doing your brows quick and easy but it seems to be fool proof. I have not once made my brows look ridiculous with this due to overdrawing because it is quite a fine pencil. It is also a very natural look, before this my favourite brow products were a couple of shadows from MAC that I keep in a little duo but honestly this knocks the MAC out of the park for a fraction of the price.

If you can get a hold of this you need it. You can get them from Walgreens for $7.99 but if you can’t get it in your country I think Amazon is your best bet although the price is a bit higher I am willing to pay it. If you are in the UK you can get it form Amazon here and depending on your shade the price varies but its about £9. Finally, if anyone knows the reason as to why this isn’t available everywhere I would love to know.

What’s your favourite brow pencil from the drugstore?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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