Review: L’Oreal Pop Balm & Nude Balm

I love a lipstick that is easy to apply and hydrating at the same time, this is the main reason i was so obsessed with the Revlon Lip Butters. I picked this new ones up from L’Oreal in the states and unfortunately I haven’t seen them appear on UK shelves as of yet. I picked up one from the pop range and one from the nude range, both colours I can wear on an everyday basis.



What I like most about these is that even though they are sheer and can easily be applied without a mirror you can build the colour up. The best thing about sheer lipsticks is that you can also buy yourself some colours that aren’t usually suited to you. If the nude shade was completely opaque then it would look terrible on me but the sheer wash of colour is just perfect. The consistency is lovely and creamy but doesn’t stick to all the lumps and bumps in your lips and even though it is a balm there is no stickiness to these. They have become something I throw in my makeup bag to take to work with me as they do have a decent amount of hydration to them, I’m sure you can get balms with much more hydration but these are enough for a top up throughout the day.

If you are able to get your hands on these I really recommend them and honestly can only think of one negative; they’re not available in the UK! In the USA they go for around $7.99 depending on what drugstore.


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