Review: Rimmel Brow This Way

I am a complete brow gel novice, a lot of people are going to read this blog post and wonder why the hell I have never bought a proper brow gel before but I never saw it as a necessity. Until a few months ago I had never actually used a proper gel and went for a cheap clear mascara. In my head the mascara was enough but when Rimmel came out with a brow gel I had to try it out.


The first thing i noticed was the fact that, obviously, it was an actual gel compared to my normal £1 MUA clear mascara. This is the kind of product that has opened my eyes to the fact that a clear mascara just doesn’t quite cut it, but I don’t think I would have ever figured this out if I hadn’t of bought this. To me, the clear mascaras were fine but this stuff seriously will not let one brow hair move out of place. This has got me thinking about how good the higher end brow gels must be but honestly this does enough for me that i don’t need to go and spend a load of money getting a more expensive product. This is cheap, cheerful and more than likely stocked in your local supermarket if they have Rimmel. You can pick it up from Boots here for £3.99 and they also do tinted brow gels which I may give a go when this one gets gunky.

Have you tried the more expensive brow gels? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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