Makeup Declutter #3: Eyeshadow

I have a lot more eyeshadow than I need so it was definitely time for a good old clean out. Here’s what i got rid of.



I firstly got rid of 6 Freedom Makeup eyeshadows, these shadows are great but I have 30 of them and picked out the colours I have never reached for or I have a similar colour that I do reach for.

I got rid of 2 Clinique eyeshadow quads as they are really really old and ready for the bin. The same is with the Clinique palette that has a blush and 2 eyeshadows, it’s just old and needs to go.

I have gotten rid of 2 Benefit cream eyeshades and you can see how old they are as they are in the old packaging, they have completely dried up.

3 Maybelline Colour Tattoos also have dried up so need to be chucked away.

Lastly a Benefit eyeshadow, again in the old packaging. I love this shade and I think I’m going to pick a new one up but this smashed not long after I had bought so didn’t give it as much love as I could of. Also, it’s really old and more than likely past it’s expiration date.

Have you decluttered any of your makeup recently?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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