Weekend Getaway Essentials

Something a bit different from me today, now that the sunnier weather is upon us I personally cannot wait for a little beach get away. I was recently contacted and asked what my essential items for a sunny weekend getaway were and I was made an awesome graphic with my top picks.


If you’re in England I recommend trying out a more secluded part of Cornwall for a long weekend, I used to live there and let me tell you it gets really busy from May to October. I personally would avoid places such as St Ives altogether as it gets so crowded and there are loads of other lovely places to visit such as Mylor and St Mawes. If you are travelling further afield and you have the budget I think, for more of a weekend break, Portugal (mainly the Algarve area) is lovely and not a long plane journey at all. Or if you are lucky enough to live on any coast a lovely sunny would do wonders for relaxation before the school holidays start up. If you don’t live near a beach or don’t have the cash to go away grab yourself some rays in your garden, grab some blankets and pillows and make yourself a comfy seat inside of a children’s paddling pool (without the water obviously). If you are looking more for an active weekend then go no further than the Lake District, which is absolutely stunning and has some great hiking paths.

What are your weekend getaway essentials?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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