A bit of a different post from me today all about bra issues. We all have that need to whip our bras off as soon as we step into the house, or the devastation of finding the most amazing bra and then being stabbed in the heart by the underwire. But, I think the main issue we all face is having a bra fitted properly. I think I was 21 before I went for a proper M&S bra fitting so, I was wearing the wrong size for me for about 10 years and I always wondered why I was never comfortable. I think one of the worst problems I have ever had with a bra is one that isn’t particularly up to the task of keeping closed and being at work and having it pop open while having a conversation about risotto rice with a customer and being uncomfortable for 10 minutes before I could get away and go and sort myself out. Below is a fantastic guide to making sure our bras fits properly.

ThirdLove_Fit Issues

If you want a better look at the chart use this link: ThirdLove_Fit Issues

This graphic comes from ThirdLove, which is a lingerie company that sells great fitting bras and underwear online, with an app, and a fit finder. They ship internationally although are based in the USA. If you would like 15% off your order use the promo code BRABLEMS. A properly fitting bra is so important to make sure you’re comfortable and not damaging any tissue.

What are your brablems?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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