Makeup Declutter #4: Blushers, Bronzers, Highlighters

Another declutter post today, full of blushers and bronzers. a lot of what I have gotten rid of is due to how old a lot of products are.




Both the Benefit blushes are old, the Hervana blush is only a few years old but as with Benefit blushes they have a scent and to me when that isn’t detectable that means they are no longer good. The other Benefit blush isn’t even made anymore it’s that old.

The Rimmel blush I have done a post on (here) and even though it’s probably still good expiration date wise, it’s just a terrible blush. I’m not sure if I got a bad one but it’s pointless keeping hold of it as it never gets used.

The e.l.f, the 17, the Gemma Kidd and the Nivea are all really old and way past a date I should be using them so they have been put in the bin. 

The Clinique blush has gone onto a friend as it was just not quite the right colour for me and had too much glitter for my liking.  The Clinique powder is way too old to keep using so that needed to go. 

The 17 cream bronzer is just too deep for me so it wasn’t getting used. The sleek blush, I love but it’s so similar to Nars orgasm and I don’t need both so that’s been passed on. 

The Me Me Me highlighter is just a bit too gold for me so have passed that on. The cream blush from bourjois is one that changes colour to your skin tone and it just looked a bit weird on me so that’s even passed on. 

I’m pretty happy that I managed to get 2 boxes of products into one box, although it’s quite packed I feel a bit better about the amount of products that are left.

Have you decluttered anything lately?

Thanks for reading 🙂



2 responses to “Makeup Declutter #4: Blushers, Bronzers, Highlighters

  1. I just massively cleared out all my make up and absolutely filled a Glossybox full of products to give to my cousin just the other week and I’ve already filled another one up for her! It’s a really good feeling when I can halve how many boxes full of make up I’ve got.

    Also how would you rate the Soap and Glory Solar Powder? as I’ve been looking at getting one myself. And I’m also looking at getting a sleek brush, because so many people have said it’s such a good Nars dupe. xx

    • The sleek blush is more shimmery than the Nars but a really close shade. The solar powder is great for a matte bronzer. I find it’s fab for contour as there’s 2 shades 🙂 xxx

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