Review: Maybelline Master Glaze Blush

I will first apologise because I am pretty sure I have not seen these blushes in the UK yet as I got this one in the USA but you never know with these brands, they may pop up in boots tomorrow.



As I have mentioned many times, I love a cream blusher, they’re my fav. So, when I see a drugstore one I can’t resist picking it up and giving it a go. I went safe with a pink shade and I must say this is super creamy and easy to apply. If you’re new to the makeup game you can’t really make a mistake with this as it’s super blendable. I think the concept is to put the stick straight onto your face but I just use my fingers to give myself a bit of colour to the cheeks. It’s not got any shimmer but it’s not a flat matte, I would say it has a dewy finish to it but you don’t look sweaty.

I have managed to find these on Amazon for us UKers but in the US I think I found this in a Walgreens for around $8 (that’s a complete guess and could be wrong).

What’s your favour drugstore cream blush?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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