Makeup Declutter #5 Eyeliners, Lashes and Tools

My final makeup declutter is on the menu today. This box houses all my eyeliners, lashes and tools and I didn’t get rid of too much in this one but definitely made it nice and neat.



I am getting rid of one of my pencil sharpeners as 1) why do I need more than 1 and 2) this one gets clogged up easily so I am keeping the one I got free in a pencil set from Urban Decay. I am getting rid of the eyelashes as they are far too dramatic for me and the eyelash glue is something I should have gotten rid of a while ago.

The Avon eye pencil completely fell out so wasn’t really fit for purpose. The Rimmel chunky crayon just wasn’t really a great colour for me and wasn’t using it so I thought I should pass it on. There’s a mini of a Clinique mascara which I completely forgot about and it had gone dry. Another Clinique product is a brow pencil that also had a highlighter on the other end. The highlighter had dried up and to be honest it wasn’t that great to begin with but the pencil I really enjoyed and may buy a new one without the highlighter end.

The double ended pencil from Bourjois is to be honest the most painful eyeliner I have ever used so I don’t feel passing it on to someone else would be a nice gift at all. I have passed on these eyelash curlers as I don’t really need them. I am quite blessed with a natural curl in my lashes so I thought a friend could benefit from them more than me.


What have you decluttered lately?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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