Review: Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush

I honestly believe that good brushes contribute to good makeup application. Even though my methods have become better with time, I also know which brushes will work well for me and the ones that make me look like I shouldn’t have even bothered.



This brush is quite dense and because of that it does absorb a bit of product but that’s it’s only negative. Because of its tightly packed hairs this can really help you build up the coverage of a lighter foundation/BB cream/CC cream etc. I also find the unusual shape perfect for getting into the contours of your face. Although my favourite way to apply my base is with a Beauty Blender this is a top pick for me in terms of brushes.

My main issue, like with any Sigma products, is that if you want to buy from the official site you have to pay a lot of shipping. However, saying that I received this quicker than I receive some packages from the UK so you can’t fault the brand for speed. I am in the process of trying to over haul my brushes and replace the cheap/crap/old ones with newer ones from decent brush brands. There are quite a few I would like to try but I can see myself ordering some more Sigma in the near future and a second of this brush could definitely be on the cards.

If you want to pick this up from Sigma you can do so here for $24 (approx £19) or I have seen Sigma brushes on Amazon and I’m sure other UK sites sell them too, I just went straight to the source.

Have you tried this brush? What’s your favourite brush brand?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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