Review: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Hair Mask

Another hair mask review on the menu for todays post, this time from Dove. I have never actually tried any hair products from Dove as I genuinely forget that they make them, I see them more as the deodorant brand to be honest. However, I got this hair mask along with another variety (which I haven’t given a go just yet) and I think it is a haircare brand I want to try more of.


So, as usual, I use this in replacement of an actual conditioner and leave it on my hair for around 5 minutes before washing it off (I never read the instructions on a hair mask, I just always have this routine). This mask makes my hair super soft. I’ve said that before about hair masks but seriously my hair is ridiculously soft, so soft that it’s really hard to put up and that is where the only negative to this mask lies. I have found with my hair (fine but lots of it) after using this mask it HAS to be styled. This is a negative in my book because I normally wash my hair before bed and leave it to dry overnight, avoiding as much heat as possible (especially in these summer months).

Apart from that negative though, which, to be honest if you’re not as lazy as me you won’t have an issue with it at all. Back to the positives, my hair is super shiny, super soft and has some serious volume thanks to this mask. The only thing putting me off buying this again is the whole having to style my hair after each wash. My hair feels super nourished and my split ends (I really need a trip to the hairdressers, it’s been months!!) seem to be in a bit better condition after using this.

You get a pretty hefty amount, as not a lot is needed and as it’s in a tube you can scrimp a bit more than squeezing it out of a tube. I would class the Dove hair care range as a mid price range as it’s more than Herbal Essences but less than the higher tiers of names like Toni & Guy. You can pick this up from Boots here for £6.99 but I managed to get this half price in my local Tesco and it seems to go on offer quite regularly.

Have you tried any of the Dove haircare?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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