How To Budget For Christmas 

I know, I know, I know we are in January and so how dare I mention bristles for another 10 months but hear me out. I love a budget and I love saving, very rarely does the credit card need to be used and in those rare cases it’s paid off the next month. I think I’ve only ever paid interest twice in 6 years. So I thought I would share with my top tips for a stress free Christmas money wise (I can’t do anything about family drama, I’m afraid).

1) Start saving in January – If you put money away each month you should be able to get presents all sorted without having to buy out any sort of credit. I’m sure you have a rough idea of how much you spend on each person so add it all up and divide it between January and October so you have 10 months to put money away.

2) Shop the sales – Even though the Boxing Day sales are over, a lot of shops now have some serious reductions on their Christmas gifts and I doubt many people will be able to tell that you got the gift from the previous years Christmas stock.

3) Clubcards are your best friends – Places like Boots and Tesco male it really easy to save up points and spend them all at once. There’s loads of these clubcard schemes for tonnes of shops and it really helps to ease the pain of how much Christmas can end up costing you. I save up my Tesco vouchers to buy food for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner as well as beauty gifts that they always have half price a few weeks before Christmas.

4) Find the reduced to clear aisle – shops only have a limited amount of shelving and so when brands come out with new products they have to decide what’s going to go and they can’t send it back to the supplier but they need it gone quickly and so they give it a huge reduction in price. This happens more often in the toy aisle as toys tend to change with the seasons. So find out where these places are and keep an eye on them throughout the year.

5) The Card Factory – This Shop is literally the best and the cheapest for cards. It’s actually cheaper to get cards from the current Christmas season that you’re in than it is to buy cheap ones from the supermarket on Boxing Day. Cards can get really expensive and this year I got a box of 50 assorted cards for £1.99!! And person specific cards can be as cheap as 29p!

So those are my main tips for saving money on the time of year where the average family spends over £800 per Christmas and from working at a supermarket I have seen people spend over £500 just on food and drink. I hope this was helpful, let me know if you would like to see any other budget type posts.

What are your tips for saving money at Christmas?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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