Review: Bite Beauty Lip Crayon Tin

I actually bought these last Christmas in Florida but I still have loads of stuff that I never got around to blogging about and now that I have sent that they bought them back for the christmas just gone, I think it’s safe to say that they are going to be a regular gift item. This year they also had a tin of mini lipsticks which I nearly, very nearly, bought from the Sephora website before I saw how much it was to ship over here to the UK. One good thing about me taking so long to write a post about these is that I am pretty certain on how I feel about them.




First off I love minis because they’re cute/ However, mini lip products are perfect for me because it’s rare that I manage to finish a full size product up. The main reason I decided to pick these up was the fact that all the shades were ones that I would wear, even the dark one which doesn’t get worn very often does get put on every now and again. That is something that I find quite rare in lip sets, there is normally one really out there colour which for someone like me just doesn’t make me want to buy it.

I must say that the texture of Bite lip products is pretty much perfect, they’re creamy but they have a good wear time to them and they are not at all drying. Super easy to apply and you don’t have to work quickly if you make a mistake as these ones don’t fully dry down so that they are uncomfortable even though it is a matte finish. My favourite one is the 2nd colour in the picture above as it works perfectly for an everyday colour, the red doesn’t make my teeth look too yellow and the purple shade doesn’t look too out there. The nude shade is something I can only really pull off in the summer as it washes me out a little bit when I am at my palest.

These are really cute little tins that Bite have on offer in the holidays and if you are in a country that stocks Bite but haven’t tried anything yet, these are great to have a little taster of the brand. These tins go for $25 and this years is still in stock here although the colours do differ from these (a bit more colourful) but still lovely. The full size crayons are $24 here.

Have you tried anything from Bite Beauty?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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