Review: Jo Malone Bath Oil

I was very lucky to receive this Jo Malone bath oil as a present from my dads girlfriend. As you would expect from Jo Malone, it’s packaged beautifully, in a box and safely guarded with tissue paper. I actually got this for Christmas last year but really got into using it during the later stages of my pregnancy as the scent really relaxed me which brings me to my first positive. You only need a couple of small drops of this per bath and so it’s lasts for ages. Before getting pregnant I mainly showered and only had baths a couple of times a month but once I started to get really uncomfortable past around the 30 week mark I was having them daily. I was using one to two small drops of this oil nearly every time and I still have just under half of the bottle left!


The scent will make your entire house smell amazing (unless you live in a mansion) and once or twice I also had my Jo Malone candle on the go as well which created the ultimate pamper experience at home. Now, obviously because it’s an oil you’re not going to get any bubbles but I can deal with that but it makes your skin incredibly smooth and there’s no real need for moisturiser/lotion/body butter afterwards. The scent I have is Pomegranate Noir, I’m pretty sure that’s a Jo Malone best seller and I have had a mini perfume of it before and used it everyday until it ran out.

I do love Jo Malone and every time I use this bath oil I feel like I’m being pampered even though I’m in my own home. There are a few fragrances from Jo Malone that I really enjoy so I think when I have run out of this oil I will be back in the store looking to find another scent to replace it.

I’m not deluded, I know Jo Malone is incredibly expensive and not in everyones budget. However, I would say a bath oil is probably the best value for money as you can really control how much you’re using, unlike with a perfume. These oils start at £17 for a 30ml bottle and go to £40 for a 250ml bottle and come in 9 different fragrances (here). I think you have to pay more to get the fancy glass top on the bigger bottles which I don’t fully understand but hey ho. It is a glass bottle so personally I wouldn’t travel with it.

What’s your favourite Jo Malone fragrance?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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