Urban Decay Naked 3 Vs Makeup Revolution Iconic 3

The Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay is the one and only makeup product I have ever pre ordered. I love my Naked 2 palette and I love the rose gold trend so, both together is a win in my book. However, I also knew the day would come when a dupe would come up before it like it predecessors had. I managed to get my hands on this palette from Makeup Revolution about a month ago and I have been putting the 2 against each other for a while now.


23 Apr 2015-001

Makeup Revolution shades on the left and do not have shade names, Naked 3 shades on the right of the swatch.

Packaging – I prefer the packaging of the Naked 3 palette as it seems a bit more robust and comes with both a mirror and a double ended brush.

Colour Payoff – The colour payoff is pretty good for both the palettes but the Naked 3 has just a tad more pigmentation to the matte shades in the palette.

Application – All the shades from both the palettes apply beautifully. The Naked 3 shadows are just as buttery and soft as you expect from Urban Decay’s standards but the Makeup Revolution isn’t too far behind them.

Staying Power – The staying power of the shadows in both the palettes is pretty good. The only difference I found was that the Makeup Revolution shadows creased a little on my eyes but nothing awful.

Price – The Naked 3 palette goes for £38 and the Makeup Revolution goes for £4.

Now, when it comes to the Naked 2 palette I can see myself repurchasing it if I ever managed to use it up but, the Naked 3 palette isn’t given much love on a regular basis. My point is, because the Naked 3 palette is something I don’t use too often I think I would have been happy with just the palette from Makeup Revolution if I had picked that one up first. The colours aren’t exactly the same but they are close enough to get the same sort of look that the Naked 3 palette will give you.

You can pick the Makeup Revolution palette up here and the Naked 3 palette here.

Which one would you pick up?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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